Why I like learning from David Mitchell...

David Mitchell, Founder, President and CEO of TRADEway, has created a unique business. Not only does TRADEway teach people how to understand the world of finance and  potentially build wealth in the stock market, but students learn family, money and business principles from the Bible.

Pastor and long-time friend of David, Myron Golden, said:

‘I’ve learned many things from David Mitchell, simply by watching him or having conversations with him. There were times I vehemently disagreed with what he said, only to find out later that he was right!

He has taught me some fascinating truths.  There have even been things he would talk about, and I would think, "You're making that up." Then I would study it, and sure enough, he wasn’t making it up.

I appreciate Brother David more than I can put into words. He is the dearest friend I've ever had.”

Here are five facts about the founder, president and CEO of TRADEway that make his company different from others.

  • He began learning about business and the stock market at a very young age. In fact, he can remember listening, as a small child, while his grandfather spoke to his stock broker. Also, he is a third generation entrepreneur and businessman.

  • Because he is a Christian and pastor, his primary goal is to glorify God, which includes teaching other Christians how they can build wealth. His company is built on a desire to be honest and serve others.

  • A  businessman before becoming a preacher, David is able to read scripture and see the business and money principles from a different perspective than many other preachers.

  • He values the entrepreneurial spirit on which America was founded. He has studied the writings of our founding fathers and learned the business models of influential businessmen in history, and he strives to revive that entrepreneurial spirit by empowering individuals to take charge of their finances and futures.

  • Family is his focus. David created a business with his family, and he teaches others to do the same. He follows a family business model taught throughout the Bible, and his actions and business reflect his strong, family-oriented views.

David Mitchell is not the typical stock market expert or entrepreneur, therefore, TRADEway is not the typical "investment advisory firm”. Contact TRADEway today to begin your education.