Too Good to be True

Have you ever said that something was ‘too good to be true’? We've all heard the term. We've probably all said it at some point in time, but, ‘too good to be true’ isn’t a logical concept. I learned that there is no such thing as ‘too good to be true’, and it changed my life.

I watched my father-in-law, David Mitchell, get scammed one time. It was terrible. He got taken for close to $50,000. We were driving home the day we realized he had been scammed, and I reached over, and I patted him on the back.  I said, "Hey, don't sweat it. It was just too good to be true." What happened next was so powerful.

He told me "Too good to be true doesn't exist." I told him to prove it, and he said he would, but he shifted the conversation to a different topic that would cheer him up. We began to talk about Jesus. It was a frequent topic of conversation, and I always enjoyed the deep discussions. I was surprised when he asked me a question that seemed far too easy, “Who is Jesus?”

I wondered why he chose to discuss such a fundamental biblical concept, but I answered, "He was the son of God." David quickly replied, "Yeah, so what? Tell me what you know about him?" We continued to discuss Jesus. We covered all the basics: He is the son of God, he lived a sinless life, and he died for my sins. I did not understand where this conversation was going.

Finally, David asked me, “Did you love him when he died for you?" I said, "No. The Bible tells me that I love God because he first loved me." Then he said, "Yeah, that's right. God sent his only son to die for you, even though you hated him at the time. He did this so that you could go to heaven." When I agreed, he said "That's sounds pretty good."

All of a sudden, I realized he had proven his point! He pressed, "Is that true, Dave?" I knew it was absolutely true. He continued,  "Well, if that's true, is there anything better than that?" And I said, "No, of course not." He responded, "Then how is it possible for anything to be too good to be true if the best thing that exists is true?" It drastically changed the way I looked at opportunity in my life.

Although I knew he was right, I wondered, “How do I keep from being scammed like you?”  He said, "Scams are going to happen, but if you will be optimistic and if you'll stay that way, then what you'll do is you'll start to find the good opportunities. The real ones will always pay for the bad ones. It just takes one good opportunity to pay for multiple bad ones."

We fall into a trap when we have a negative mindset. When we have a negative experience, we trick ourselves into thinking it was ‘too good to be true’, and that similar situations will have the same outcome.  We begin to shy away from anything that that sounds like a great opportunity. As Christians, we must understand that “too good to be true” doesn’t exist. We have the best example of good and true. We should seek those good and true opportunities, and learn from bad experiences.

Dave Huber