The Fastest Way to Experience Real Change

Do you want to experience another level of real change in your life? There are probably breakthroughs you are contending for currently.

There are many things we do to get where we want to go. The things we do on the outside are valuable, essential even, to the process of transformation, but one of the things that we tend to overlook is the fact that transformation is an inside job.

There are two powerful things that bring transformation into your life:

Submit radically to the Holy Spirit.

What is He revealing? How is He illuminating His word to you? Make sure you are diligently searching by praying and reading scripture. That will transform you from the inside out, like no other force on earth ever could.  

Allow God to renew your mind.

If you want to change what you do, change what you think. You can not modify your behavior without first changing your mind. The thing that motivates your actions is your thoughts. Figuring out who you are, in Christ, will drastically change your mindset.

What changes do you want to see? What steps will you take to make it happen?