This Is Why We Supported Trump From The Start

People have asked me why I supported Donald Trump from the very beginning. I remember the very first Republican debate. Probably five minutes into that debate I knew who I would support, because he had the ability to win. He was presidential, and he had good philosophical underpinnings.

We can talk about his flaws if you want to, but then we also have to look at JFK, and Marilyn Monroe. We would have to look at Lyndon Johnson and the secret women that he brought into the white house. We would have to look at Bill Clinton. We would have to look at every single president. Many people are idealists, and you do not want to vote for someone that  turns you off because of their personality. You can't judge the effectiveness of their presidency on their personality.

“Why do I support Donald Trump?”

  • We've had time now to see President Trump is taking a very conservative position. For example, he's lowered the corporate taxes from about 38% down to around 22%. That boosts free markets.

  • He has lowered regulatory problems that keep young companies from being able to rise up and compete with the bigger companies. We all know that statistics show that the young companies hire the most people, because there are more of them.

  • He has brought in some great conservative judges that will fight against abortion, a stain on the life of this great country. We have murdered so many unborn babies. God will not forget this, and this country will pay for that some day. He has already put two Supreme Court justices in that will fight against that and many federal justices as well.

  • He supports Christians. He supports Jews. He doesn't back off or apologize at all when talking about Christmas or the Christian values that this nation was built upon. This nation was founded on Christian biblical principles. President Trump is not afraid to talk about that.

  • He wants to protect Americans. He's protecting our border. He's protecting the future of our children by wanting to put armed professionals in different schools to protect our children from terrorists. He's pro-defensive weapon. He's for us being able to have the constitutional ability to have firearms.

President Trump supports the Constitution and all the rights that we've developed, fought for, and died for through these years. Everyone has flaws. When considering a presidential candidate, the important things are their ability to win, their fundamental beliefs, and what they try to enact in government. Our family supported Donald Trump from the start.