Principles from Psalms

When Christians meditate on God’s word, we learn new things. Quite often, we can read the same verse of scripture two or three times and something new is revealed to us each time. A simple, short verse can hold a tremendous amount of meaning. Take a moment to read Psalm 119:14 and examine three principles we can learn from David, a man after God’s own heart.

Psalm 119:14 "I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies as much as in all riches."

  • David was very wealthy and he had many riches. He said that he loves God’s word as much as all his riches. He also understands that being rich is not ungodly. After all, God is the one who blessed David with his riches. Being wealthy does not make a person spiritual, but it certainly doesn't make a person not spiritual.

  • Focus on the order in which David places God’s word. He places it first, and mentions his riches as an afterthought. Often in our world we see people that are rejoicing in riches, but David treats the word of God as if it were the most choice treasure. We should place God and his Word above all else.

  • God is priority, but He uses money as a tool. When we live God’s word, we learn how to use our riches to serve Him. The Bible says “the poor will be with you always”. There will always be people who need our help.  Christians who make money don't put it in a barn and keep it; they disperse it into God's kingdom.

Do you love God’s word as much as your riches? What priority do you place on God’s teachings? How does the Bible affect how you handle your money? Reflect on the scriptures you have read and ask God to reveal new ways that you can better serve him.