4 Ways To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There is not one believer who would say it's not a good thing to trust God with our money. We're supposed to trust God with our finances. But we cannot say we trust God with our money, then choose not to tithe.

There are various opinions on how much we should tithe. Some people believe it is a strict 10%, but others believe the principle is more about generosity. Wherever you land on that spectrum, we should be giving something back to God. If we can't even give God a portion, a small part, on a regular basis, we are allowing our actions to express our true opinions. The idea that we need to “make more” before we can give is foolish. It does not follow the biblical principle God has established in HIs word.

There has to be an expression of faith when it comes to our money. If we want God to trust us with more, we need to trust Him with more first. If we expect to see increase, we must trust God. Tithing is one simple area in which we can show our trust in God.