Living for Jesus in Business

How can we honor God through business? For many people, business is only about making money. But for Christians it should be about something more. We need to learn to make money in business; it's an important part of business. But how can we honor God through the process of business?

There are two major ways we can honor God through business:

Love the Lord
We are commanded to love the Lord with all our soul,  heart, mind and strength. Whenever we are doing business, we have a certain level of fear. We’re taking risks and that may lead us to wonder “Will I make the bills? Will I have the things I need? Will the customers come? Will the marketing work out?” When all the things that we have to worry about as business owners come into play, we have to exercise a certain element of faith. That's what Jesus loves about taking risks. He loves when we take a risk, because it shows Him that we're risking our resources, risking our time, risking our money to show Him that we know He, ultimately, is in control. We will, with faith, take a business risk. As we take those business risks, we should connect to the Lord and allow Him to strengthen us. That's loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

Love Others
We are commanded to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We have an opportunity to show God's love to other people in our business dealings. God has put us in a position to help others with the products and services we provide. We should infuse God's love into that process. Think about what the Lord did when He walked this earth. He lived in such a way that He provided a spiritual teaching to the people around him. But before He did that, He always met an earthly need. He healed the sick, He raised the dead, He fed the hungry. He did those things first, and it would grab people's attention. It opened the door for Him to teach them about Himself and God’s Word. We should live the same way. We can make sure that we are providing quality products and services. As business owners, we have the ability to build relationships and show others the love of God.

To honor God in business, we must first love Him. We must put our faith in Him, follow Him, trust in Him. Then, we can love others. We can spread the gospel and point to God on a daily basis. God is the most important part of any Christian business.