Can You Guess Blair's Favorite Stock Pattern?

My favorite stock pattern is real simple.  When you buy stock, which direction do you want the price to go? Up, right?  If you really keep trading simple, you want to buy a stock and have it go up.  If that’s the case, then you want a pattern that tends to move up. That's why I like the uptrend. A true uptrend has higher tops and higher bottoms. It makes new highs. Then, when it makes a low, it also makes a higher low than the last time, meaning it's just trending up. It's always going up. Keep trading simple. There are a lot of things that can complicate trading. For me, over the years of doing this, I'm realizing the more simple I keep it, the better it is for me. So if I'm buying a stock, I want it to go up. I'm just going to trade the trend. I'm going to buy the uptrend and I'm going to ride the momentum.