This is why accountability is so important...

One of the things you're going to learn as you go through the journey of becoming a successful stock trader is that there are some rules you need to follow.

In the beginning, the rules are not typically internal, they're external. They are something that somebody else said you need to do.

It is easy to give in to temptations to break the rules. Greed creates a strong emotional pull, but there are things that can help you to stay strong in keeping the rules.

  • Evaluate your rules. Are they good rules? Do they lead to success?

  • Get a trading partner. This will give you some accountability. Having a partner can help you to see things from a different perspective.

  • Read God’s Word. The Bible contains many financial and business principles. It can also help you to tune your heart with God’s will and elementate some of the negative emotions trading sometimes involves.

  • Let TRADEway support you. Do not be afraid to reach out for support. We offer many resources that can help you build and hone your skill sets.

Put these strategies into practice and you might be surprised at the momentum you can build!