Nine Nation-Strengthening Accomplishments of President Trump

Regardless of where you stand with politics, there are certain facts about the current presidency that can not be denied. There are things President Trump has done that are very good for our country. From a Christian and business standpoint, he has made positive progress.

Review These Nine Nation-Strengthening Accomplishments of President Trump:

  • He took on the news media and exposed their political bias.

  • He ended the corrupt Clinton machine by simply winning the presidency.

  • He has put into place a couple of pro-life  Supreme Court justices and many federal judges.

  • He made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Four different presidents had promised to do that and never did.

  • He has taken a great step towards protecting our borders by simply keeping the current laws that we have, and enforcing those laws on people who are unlawfully crossing the border.

  • He withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord, which was wasting American money and resources.

  • He has done historic regulatory reform and tax reform that has made a positive impact on our economy.

  • America had over three million jobs created, and the unemployment rate has gone down to 3.9%. That's the lowest it has been since the year 2000.

  • He stopped the Iran Nuclear Deal.  He put a stop to giving billions of dollars to the country that backs more terrorist events than anyone in the world.

We didn't vote for Donald Trump to be our pastor. We voted for a man who could turn us back into a more socially, politically and economically stable nation. Many people are trying to find every little thing wrong with this President, when what people really should do is focus on the positive changes that have been made to keep America the greatest nation on Earth.