Can You Guess David’s Favorite Stock Pattern?

At TRADEway we started out teaching short-term trades. We never teach day trades. These short term trades we teach are typically two to three weeks. Many people are surprised when they hear that David Mitchell’s favorite trade is a longer term trade. We call it “Writing Covered Calls.

In the course, “Putting on a Play”, you can learn this trading strategy.  It is a six to nine month trade, and you lower the risk slightly by going out longer term.  We teach you how to put stop losses at the bottom of the basis rather than letting it follow the stock all the way up, and it creates a great way to play. You can even add writing covered calls to that when the stock dips, because they never go straight up. Every time it dips, you can write or sell a call, and create cash flow. While the stock is moving up, that's going to help your balance sheet, because that's like an asset appreciating.

This trading strategy helps your balance sheet on the one hand. It helps your cash flow or your income statement on the other hand. It's like a business all in itself.