Why the family business is best for women

The Biblical way to do things solves all the modern-day dilemmas. One major modern day dilemma is that women don’t feel like they can have both a career and a family at one time.

The number of women having children in their 40’s has doubled since the 90’s, and that is the only age group with a rising pregnancy rate. More women are choosing to put starting a family on hold in order to establish careers. Women should not feel like they have to sacrifice one or the other. This is why the Biblical family business model is best for women.

Ashton Mitchell, Social Media Brand Manager of TRADEway and daughter-in-law of David Mitchell, describes her experience as a woman and mother in family business.

“Here I am, I’m 26 years old, my husband is 24, we have 2 amazing children, and our careers aren’t on hold, they’re not suffering, they’re actually thriving. The reason for that is because we’re part of a family business.

My boss, and my boss’s boss, are my kids’ aunt and grandfather. Those two people love me and they love my kids. They have a vested interest in making sure my kids have the best care, the best opportunities and learn the family business, because this is their legacy. They’re not just looking at what quality of work I can bring to the table, or how much money I can bring in for the company, yes those things matter, but they’re not really the most important thing. When you’re in business with your family, the whole picture comes together.”

Family life isn’t separated from work. Mothers who are part of a family business do not have to feel like they are raising their children with no connection to what is happening in the workplace.

Women who are part of the family business model have the freedom to choose to be in the background while their children are very young, or take a larger role if they desire. Rather than being made to feel like they must neglect their family to make progress in their career, they are supported, because their coworkers are family.

There is also a sense of empowerment and pride when women know they are raising the future of their family business. Raising children with strong character and a foundation on God becomes part of what will make the business successful for generations to come.

Woman can have both a family and a career at the same time. Establishing a family business gives women choices, freedom and fulfillment.