People Fail at Everything

In every aspect of life there is the possibility of failure: relationships, careers, sports, and the list goes on. Everyone fails. If this is the case, why do people have such an intense fear of failure? Perhaps it is not failure that should be feared, but quitting. In Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s first inaugural address, he made the famous quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” People quit, and lose sight of their goals, because they fear failure. This is not a productive mindset.

Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is a step in the process that leads to being successful. If you look at failure as part of success, it’s the thing that will help you achieve your goals. When you eliminate the fear associated with failure, you can begin to use your failure as a tool to develop a better strategy for reaching your goals. Failure can become something we are grateful for.

We should not fear failure, because God‘s strength is made perfect in weaknessThe Bible is clear that God’s Grace is sufficient. In fact, we should glory in our infirmities. In our times of failure, God’s power can be seen. Those failures remind us of God’s sovereignty and his desire to bless those who belong to Him. Understanding that failure is part of God’s plan further solidifies the idea that we should use our failure to become more successful.

Failure is an opportunity for improvement. Henry Ford is one of the most well known businessman in American history. He once stated that failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Anxiety hinders your ability to problem solve. When you allow yourself to worry about failure, you are unable to use that failure to develop a better plan for success. It is important to maintain the right perspective in terms of failure. You must train yourself to view failure as part of success. When you’re able to do that, it will be easy to pick yourself up, make adjustments and proceed down a path of achievement.

Failure is inevitable. Your mindset and what you choose to do as a result of that failure that will determine your success. When you consider it a part of success, see it as something to glory in and use it to improve your goals, failure is a great tool. Your failures and determination not to quit will lead to success. 

How will you use your failure to become successful?