Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve probably heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. A more realistic statement would be, “Perfect practice makes perfect”. If you practice something wrong, then you are probably going to do it wrong.

When it comes to trading, what does it mean to practice perfection? It means you do things the right way. Follow the program, think through the trade, and make sure you are executing the trade correctly. This may not even mean you make money. A perfect trade could mean that you stop out to minimize your expenses. Every business has expense. No business makes every perfect business decision. It is important to learn from each decision.  

Practicing perfection in trading does not mean you become rich overnight. It doesn’t work that way. It means that you are setting goals and making progress toward those goals. You get better after each trade, and apply what you have learned to the next trade.

If you can train yourself to do things the right way over time, and you're getting positive results, then those results should increase over time. That should be your goal.