Why we don't like hearing about the Bible and wealth...

Jesus said you cannot serve both God and money. If you are not living by God’s Word, it is easy to allow money to become an idol in your heart. As a Christian, you must first learn to trust Him regarding your finances, then you can learn to serve Him with your finances. 

Trust Him With Money
You need to understand how to rely on God regardless of your finances. Study God’s Word, and make sure you are at a point spiritually that you can think about finances without succumbing to fear or anxiety. Trust that He has a plan. When you worry about money, it will take the place of God in your heart.  When you are in a place of abundance, the Bible tells you how those resources should be used. 

Serve Him With Money
It is important to understand that, although you should not serve money, you can serve God with your money. The Bible never said money has no power or place in the life of a believer. A believer who uses money according to the instructions God gave in His Word can make an impact on many lives. 

Wealth is a power that is lesser than God, but is from God, and can be used for God for the benefit of others. When your foundation is on God, and you have a Godly perspective of wealth, money is a very good thing.