What is Smart Debt?

Many people believe that debt, in every form, is bad. The Bible actually talks about debt, and it sometimes talks about debt in a positive way. When you take on debt as a way to eventually make money, in other words start a business, you can actually be creating “smart debt”.

At TRADEway we show our students how to think through their financial journey. Doesn’t it make more sense to invest money into a business that will give you a greater return, then take that increased income and use it to pay off existing debt faster?

Using “smart debt” as a tool to start a business does 3 things for you:

  • It gives you the potential to pay off your debts faster, if you make an investment that leads to an increase in income.

  • You have the ability to create a long-term wealth building solution instead of using what little resources you have to pay debt slowly.

  • It is possible for you to  get out of debt, build wealth and focus on developing your skill sets in an area that interests you, rather than spending years of your life working for someone else while making minimal progress in your financial goals. 

“Smart debt” is debt that leads to expansion of income. If you want to learn more about Biblical financial principles and how you could potentially build wealth, contact TRADEway today.