Relationships and Money

How can we approach money and relationships in a way that is healthy? Many people preach and teach that tying money in with relationships is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, there is a perception that gaining wealth means losing other things that are important. You have probably heard the terms "Money can't buy happiness" or "Money can't buy love" right? That is absolutely true, but money can definitely strengthen the relationships that do make us most happy.

Increasing wealth and using it positively has greatly influenced two important areas of my life and relationships: service to others and friends and family.

Service to Others: In the past 10 years I’ve been on many trips overseas to help people in need. I have had the privilege of making a difference in the lives of many people, and I have developed close friendships with people who also find value in serving others. All of that takes money. I had a pastor in Africa tell me once, "Blair if you come here and you have nothing extra to give, then we can't receive anything from you." Money lead to my ability to give and make a positive impact in the lives of other people.

Friends and Family: Money not only gives us the ability to help the less fortune. It can be used to add value to the lives of those closest to us. Money has allowed me to help friends and family when they were enduring hardships or experiencing difficult circumstances. There have also been times I was able to use money to enrich experiences with those I love. I have been able to create lasting memories with family or friends. I want to give God the glory. He has been generous toward me. I enjoy being able to show that generosity to others.

Over the years, the teaching and preaching I had previously heard that condemned the desire to increase wealth began to unravel. Along the way I learned that although you can’t buy love, happiness, or relationships, money can be used as a platform to bless, develop and grow those relationships. Having extra money and finding creative ways to empower your finances will, in turn, empower your relationships. This is a very healthy, and even holy, thing.