What only experienced traders understand...

Most new traders come into the stock market thinking the goal is to win. They want to avoid losing at all costs. Experienced traders understand that they will occasionally lose. When it is time to lose, they will do it every time. They learn to lose well.

If you can lose well, which means lose little, and win big, you can come out ahead. In fact, those experienced traders know that they can lose multiple times, and if they do it properly, setting their trades up right, they can actually win less than they lose in terms of trade number and come out ahead in terms of their account. What that means is, losing small is a huge part of winning big. This is something experienced traders know, and this is something that positions them to win big.

At TRADEway we emphasize the importance of losing well. We want to team up with you and get you connected to our experienced traders so that you can become an experienced trader too.