Can You Guess What Industry Makes The Most Money?

When you’re wanting to build wealth and create a legacy, one of the first questions you may have is, “What industry makes the most money?” Underwater basket weaving might sound fun, but it won’t be very profitable. 

When asked what industry makes the most money, you might think, “tech”. That sounds like a good answer when you consider how technologically driven our society has become. We think of Apple, IBM, iPads, cellphones and computers, right? Nope, that industry came in fourth. 

What about real estate? It worked for Donald Trump. The guy is a billionaire. Actually, real estate is the third most profitable industry. 

Are you still wondering which industry makes the most money? By now you’ve probably guessed that investing, or finance, is the industry that makes the most money. Correct! TRADEway offers a variety of educational options to help you learn how to manage your finances and potentially increase your wealth in the stock market. 

Now you’re wondering what industry came in second, aren’t you? That would be fashion. So, basically, stock trading is way cooler than being fashionable. Luckily, you can trade stocks in your pajamas, so there is no need to even be fashionable. Now is the time to put on your stretchy pants and build your legacy!