Making Back What You Lost In a Crash

Have you lost a lot of money in the stock market? Maybe in 2008, during the housing crash, or 2001, during the tech bubble burst. You might be thinking, "How can I make it all back?" 

TRADEway wants to share two things with you that may help change your mentality and put you on a path of greater success in the stock market. 

First: Accept the loss.
Accept the fact that you have lost some money. Many people don't do this. In fact, what they do is, they say, "I haven't lost, because I haven't sold yet. It's just a paper loss. It's not real." Guess what? It is real. It could get more real if you allow yourself to lose more. So, accept the loss. Stop the loss. If you're in bad positions, get out of the bad positions.

Second: Look at the money you have left as a tool.
You still have a tool that could get you to where you want to be. Don't think, "All right, how much money do I need to make back from the loss?" Instead ask, "Where do I want to go?" Yes, you're starting with a smaller amount, but this smaller amount can get you  to the larger amount you want. Stop the mentality that you need to “make back” money, and instead, make new money. This will put you in a place of contentment, and it will give you a better mindset when looking for good trades in the future.

Accepting your loss and learning how to use the money you have left as a tool can give you the opportunity to create more wealth.