Stock Trading Perfect Minimalist Job

Many people are joining a movement focused on decluttering their lives, eliminating distractions and focusing on contentment. This minimalist movement is trending across America. There are countless blogs, discussion boards,  podcasts and even television shows dedicated to documenting the process of getting rid of material things, and only keeping things that add value to people's lives. Often times, this change in lifestyle includes people quitting their jobs or changing careers to focus on something they find more meaningful. This might sound outrageous, scary, or even impossible for some people, but it shouldn’t be. The world needs more people with vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. Why not get rid of the job you hate and focus on something you love?

Trading in the stock market is the perfect minimalist job.

Minimal Startup Costs

  • A brokerage account can be opened without any money. 

  • You can transfer a small amount, such as $500, at a convenient time. 

  • There is minimal to no overhead and no supplies needed before starting. 

Minimal Time Requirements

  • Focus as much, or as little, time as you want on stock trading. 

  • You can learn how to maximize income potential without feeling tied to your computer. 

  • When you want to focus on other goals, you can‘stay in cash’ and choose not to trade at all, with no negative impact on your finances.

Minimal Equipment Requirements

  • All you need is a computer, notebook and pen.

  • You can trade stocks from basically anywhere. 

  • Your trading space can be completely free of clutter. 

Minimal Distractions from Goals

  • Stock trading gives you the potential to build wealth while focusing on what brings you joy.

  • The possible increase in income could give you the ability to travel without worrying about finances. 

  • The TRADEway program encourages goal setting and shifts your focus to the things in life that are truly valuable. 

Choosing to live a more meaningful life is a good thing. Eliminate the things that cause stress and distract you from the desires God has placed in your heart. Start your TRADEway education today, and begin the perfect minimalist job!

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