This is why mentorship is so important...

One thing producing successful traders who learn quickly, work effectively and have more long term success is mentorship. It's not what you win in the market, it's what you keep in the market that is important. Mentorship is a key element to being successful. 

Mentorship gets you to your goal faster. This is the information age. You can Google anything. How many times have you heard the phrase, “Google it”?  You can read the information and watch the videos, but it does not replace the benefit of being face to face with the person who is in the position you want to be in. Everyone has different personalities, different strengths and different weaknesses. A mentor is able to engage those things on a personal level. This is a leverage that shortens the learning curve. It expands your ability to do what you’re trying to do, because that mentor is imparting wisdom, tools and lessons that they've learned in the process. 

If there is an area you want to improve, and certainly in trading, get a mentor. Find someone who can make your breakthrough quicker, more effective and long lasting. 

Blair N

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