Keys To Heaven

God gave us the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. They are the truths in the Word of God.  As Christ-following entrepreneurs, we must endeavor to be very diligent Bible students. It is important that we not become complacent in our role as Christian leaders. 

God reveals new things to us each time we read the Bible

As we grow in our spiritual lives, God shows us different things within His Word. Enduring various seasons of life allows us to see things from a different perspective. Regardless of the number of times you have read a particular passage of scripture, ask God to give you a deeper understanding each time you study.  

We can not effectively follow Him if we are not in His Word. 

2 Timothy shows us that God’s Word is meant to teach us, correct us and help us draw nearer to Him. It is an instruction manual for life, and even business!

There is liberty in the Word of God. 

Christ spoke of the liberty He provides Christians. It is easy to become bogged down by man-made laws and legalistic opinions. A Christian who searches God’s scripture will find His truths and understand His plan to bless His people. 

His Word will guide us.

God’s word provides a strong foundation for our lives, our families and our businesses. Scripture even calls the Word a light unto our path. 

Scripture gives us a sense of perspective.
Throughout the Bible, God’s sovereignty is apparent. When we fill our minds with scriptural reminders that He is in control, we are able to worry less and be renewed by His promises. 

Christians must become perpetual students of the Word of God. Take time to truly meditate on God’s Word. 

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