Leveraging Others- Reaping Where Thou Hast Not Sown

What is it that wealthy people do that seems to free up their time while they still have the ability to make money? It's called leverage. Leverage means to use something to the maximum advantage. You can leverage things you already have access to in order to create a greater potential for wealth building. 

Leverage the use of a computer.

A computer can do work for you, so that you can free up time. You can use various programs and techniques that help you accomplish a job without being physically tied to a computer every hour of the day. 

Leverage the use of your money.

You can use your money to make more money. This is a concept we teach at TRADEway. Instead of working for your money, you could make your money work for you. Many people think it takes a lot of money to actually become successful and wealthy, but that is simply not true.

Leverage people. 

That might sound bad, but it's not. Whenever you hire someone to help you in a business, you're leveraging them. You're also giving them a job and a way to make an income, but at the same time, you're freeing up your own time by leveraging someone else’s.

If you do not own your own business, leverage people by learning from them. Look for ways that other people can help you speed up your learning. Leverage the effort and the knowledge of people who are already where you want to be. Find a mentor. Leverage the use of someone who can teach you the fast tracks to the places you want to go.

Do you want to free up your time and still have the ability to make money? Find a way to leverage your computer, your money and people. Leverage us at TRADEway. That's one of our favorite things for our students to do. Take advantage of the leverage that we can provide for you by showing you the shortcuts to learning how to trade.

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