God Created Laws Of Economics

Just as sure as gravity is a law that God put in the universe, economic principles from the Bible are law. God's laws don't change. Your background and who you are do not matter. You just follow God’s law and  it works, because God built it into the universe. If you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, you have to learn that God said you have no return without risk. It's called the “risk return trade off”.

The amount of wealth that you have the potential to create for your family is directly proportional to the amount of risk you are willing to take. It's not the same as gambling, because it is educated risk. You learn everything you can learn about a certain type of business before you jump into it. Once you have those skill sets, then you have to take a risk. All business is a risk. Everything in life is a risk. 

You can not ignore God’s principles. You can not be en entrepreneur and find a way around “risk return trade off’. It is best to learn the skills needed become successful, then take the risk needed to potentially become wealthy.