Wealth and Spirituality

The minute you start to bring wealth into a Christian family, Satan hates it, because he loves poverty. There are many preachers who have taught that it is spiritual to be poor. This misconception comes from verses that are taken out of context, and it permeates our thinking. It causes us to feel guilty or unspiritual when we talk about building wealth for our families. Throughout the Bible we see wealthy people and entrepreneurs. 

In the Old testament, some of the wealthiest people on Earth were God’s people. 

  • God promised to bless Abraham and make him a great nation. Abraham also built a generational family business. The Bible speaks of his wealth in Genesis 13:2.

  • Throughout the book of Job, we see that Job was very wealthy. God allowed everything to be taken from him, but he remained faithful. God blessed his faithfulness by restoring his fortune and giving him twice as much as he had before. 

  • David was a man after God’s own heart, and God placed him in a position of authority as a mighty warrior and eventually king. He was very wealthy, and this is shown in 1 Chronicles 28-29 by the provisions he made in the building of a temple by his son, Solomon. 

  • 1 Kings 10:23 tells of King Solomon’s riches. He had a desire for wisdom, but God blessed him with much more. 

In the new testament many people who served and loved God were wealthy business owners. 

  • John owned a fishing business with employees. He was a businessman, yet in  Matthew 4:21 Jesus called on him to join the ministry. 

  • The apostle Paul did not have to take money from the church, because he was a tentmaker, Acts 18:3. 

  • In Acts 16:14 we learn of Lydia, a woman entrepreneur who was a seller of purple, and how she became a follower of Christ and hosted the first church of Europe in her home. 

People of high position and wealth were seen following God throughout the Bible. God often blessed those who were good stewards by increasing their wealth and success. The belief that people who are spiritual must be poor is luciferian. Take time to study your Bible and find other individuals who were entrepreneurs and wealthy believers.