Is It Gambling For Christians To Trade In The Stock Market?

Christians often wonder, is it gambling to trade in the stock market?  The truth is, if you look at any business activity, there is risk involved. Some people may call stock trading a gamble, but it is a risk rather than a gamble. 

If you don't have any skill sets, it is a gamble. If you learn skill sets on how to properly trade in the stock market, like the big boys in Wall Street do, you increase your success, and it is business rather than gambling. It does have risk, like all business does, but it also can have the potential for great return. 

In the Bible, in the Parable of the Talents, God teaches that He loves educated risk. Jesus talks about three individuals that a wealthy man gave his money to; they were supposed to be good stewards of it. Two of them took risks, and by taking the risk, they doubled the money. The third one was fearful. He didn't have skill sets, and he buried the money, which made no interest. In the end, the first two were rewarded greatly, and the third one was punished. 

Trading is not gambling when you understand how the stock market works. We'll teach you those skill sets at TRADEway.