Keys to Transformation: Think Something New

Thoughts create emotions that elicit a physical response.  If you look at that chain reaction, what you think has everything to do with your actions. One essential key to transformation in any area of life is to change your thought process. 

The Bible shows us this in Romans 12: If you want to transform your life, then you have to renew your mind.If you want to do something new, you have to think something new. 

Think  Godly Thoughts

The most important aspect of changing the way you think is setting your mind on things of the Lord.  You cannot afford to have a thought in your mind that is not in God's Word. The way you do this is by meditating on His word daily. We are called to hide His words in our hearts. The Bible goes on to draw the connection between our thoughts, our hearts, and our actions. If we focus on Godly thoughts, reassure ourselves with the promises found in His word, and rid our minds of fear, which is of Satan, then our actions will change. 

Visualize Success 

There have been countless books, articles and studies written about the power of visualization. Have you ever tried it? Studies show that you can change the way you think and contribute to your own success simply by envisioning yourself being successful. Take some time to visualize every step of your transformation journey. 

Retrain Your Mind
People  have 10,000 words, on average, of self-talk each day. If it's not out loud, it's just in the head. What are the things you are saying to yourself? If you want to do something new, you've got to have a new thought. Stop yourself from engaging in any negative self-talk. If you notice yourself becoming discouraged, fearful, or unfocused, make an intentional effort to speak positively to yourself. Tell yourself all the reasons you can and should move forward with your goals and dreams. 

Renew your thoughts by making these three changes to your daily lifestyle. Regardless of your goals, a positive mindset leads to a positive outcome. 

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