Working In God's Family Business

Through scripture, God allows His people to see that He wants us to be successful and unified. He wants that for our nation, our churches and our family businesses as well. He wants to bless Christians. Just as He told Israel in the Old Testament, they would be punished if they did not follow Him, but if they chose to live according to his Word, He promised to unify them and bring them to the promised land. 

This concept is the same with your family business. God will bless your family business if you do what you are supposed to. 

Responsibility of Believers
God is sovereign, but the Bible also teaches responsibility. God wants you to take responsibility, follow Him and live by His Word, and if you do that He will step closer to you than you have ever felt him. You will never be a millionaire as a Christian until you learn to do the things God commands. 

Reliance On God
God won't let you do it by yourself. He doesn't want you to go off and be a self made man or woman. The world does it that way, because they have Lucifer. Satan did it, but they think their accomplishments are their own. When you strive to build a business on Biblical principles, you can rely on the promises of God. 

Respect for His Sovereignty
You, as a Christian, know who is responsible when you are successful. It is God . He works with you and through you. The accomplishments are so much more fulfilling when you acknowledge that Almighty God has blessed you and your family. When you maintain respect for His sovereignty and serve Him using the wealth you have built, He will continue to bless your family business. 

When you work in God’s family business, you understand your responsibility as a Christian, you learn to rely on God rather than yourself, and you respect His role as your heavenly father. When you work in God’s family business and follow His principles, you receive unimaginable reward.

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