How Bible and Business Mix

At TRADEway, we are a group of believers, trying to train other believers how to multiply their money and use it to do incredible things for God's glory. We want to teach them how they can change their financial situation in a way that would benefit their families, their churches, and their communities.  We are a Christian business. 

People have an idea that Christians shouldn't deal with money. Yet Jesus talked often about money. Why would we not want to have a business that is set up to encourage Christians and provide education for Christians in the world of finance? TRADEway is filling a gap in Christian education. 

We strive to teach Christians what they can do to potentially make their money grow. This is something many people do not understand. As we teach people how to make money with their money, we also want to share biblical principles that help them in many areas, including family, business and finance. 

Check out what TRADEway has to offer. You may find something of value to you.

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