Moving from Knowledge to Understanding

Learning about the stock market is the same as learning anything else. Have you ever tried to learn a new skill? Perhaps you took a foreign language class in high school or college. There is a process by which people learn. 

When an individual truly learns something, there is a point where basic knowledge becomes deep understanding. 

Building Knowledge

In the beginning, people learn facts. They learn the basic vocabulary associated with a particular topic and focus on remembering fundamental information. This stage of learning is necessary for beginners, but learning does not stop here. 

Developing Comprehension

Once people have acquired the basics, they can begin to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of the facts they have learned. 

Applying Skills
Application of knowledge and skills can help propel learners to a much higher level of understanding. When learners begin to practice their newfound skills, these skills are strengthened. This is when knowledge becomes understanding. 

Regardless of what you are trying to learn, you will go through several stages in the learning process. When learning about the stock market, TRADEway can guide you through this process. We will teach you the basics, help you build upon that knowledge, and support you as you apply new skills. The more you apply the skills you learn with TRADEway, the more potential you have for building wealth. 

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