Think YOU are a failure? Think again.

"_____ was fired by a newspaper editor because, 'he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.'"

Who was he? You might be surprised...

Who To See This Weekend

Our speakers are getting ready for this weekend and they are excited! 

Come join:

John Quinn in New York
Peter Lupia in Seattle 
Boyce and Cristie McCloud in Virginia
Mark Wilburn in Maryland
David and Lisa Camacho in Colorado Springs and
David Huber Sr. and Jr. in San Antonio!

It's going to be a great weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

3 Ways to Use Coaching in 2015

If you are a Top Gun or Financial Flight School, you are a phone call or email away from personalized coaching from experienced traders! 

Have you felt unsure how to properly use that coaching? Let us help!

Here are a few ways you can make good use of coaching in 2015:

1) If you're getting into a play, give us a call before you do! Sometimes getting an outside opinion can really help in seeing small things that make a big difference. 

2) If you have made a few trades in a row with expenses, give us a call and let us look over the trades. There might be something super simple that you're missing that will make the difference with your trading.

3) Tell us your "wins"! You can learn just as much from your wins as your expenses. Plus, sharing your wins, however great or small, will bring even more excitement which is a critical ingredient to trading. 

We opened our offices again on January 5th and look forward to assisting each of you in making 2015 a more profitable (and fun) year for you!